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Making playtime more fun with toys that always love you back 

Dinosaur Fight

Our Story

Established in 2011, Nomad Originals is a leading soft toy manufacturer specializing in plush and nursery toys. We take pride in our reputation for producing quality goods that meet the highest standards. Collaborating with wholesalers and dealers worldwide, we strive to create innovative products for all.

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Girl Hugging Tedding Bear

Our Collection

Plush Toys

Explore our range of plush toys designed to bring joy and comfort to children. Discover unique features, sizes, and pricing details that make our products stand out. Let the images and videos showcase the magic of our plush toys.

Nursery Toys

Dive into our nursery toy selection, crafted with care and creativity to enhance early development. Learn about the features, pricing, and sizes that make our nursery toys the perfect choice for little ones. 

Custom Designs

Looking for something special? Our custom design service lets you create personalized toys for your unique needs. Explore the possibilities, pricing, and sizes available for custom orders. Get inspired by the images and videos showcasing our bespoke creations.

Limited Editions

Be part of something exclusive with our limited editions collection. Discover the special features, pricing, and sizes of these rare toys that collectors adore. See the detailed images and videos highlighting the craftsmanship behind each limited edition piece.

Interactive Toys

Engage and entertain with our interactive toy range that sparks imagination and creativity. Learn about the interactive features, pricing, and sizes that make these toys a hit with children. Watch the videos to see the fun in action.

Educational Toys

Combine learning and play with our educational toy line designed to stimulate young minds. Explore the educational features, pricing, and sizes that make these toys essential for children's development. Watch the videos to see the educational benefits in action.

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Certifications & Compliances


We are proud to be an FCCA-certified factory, which signifies our extensive experience and dedication to maintaining high standards in our operations ensuring compliance with Walmart's standards.

Sedex SMETA Pilar 4

We are committed to maintaining high standards of health and safety for the people working at Nomad Originals. As a SMETA Pilar 4 certified factory we continuously improve working conditions, environmental performance and ethics.

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As an SCS certified factory, we are attentive and mindful of building secur supply chains and ensuring safe merchandise transportation for our buyers. 

Responsible Manufacturing

Eco friendly Materials

We work with lots of sustainable and eco friendly materials which are safe for children and the environment. 

Upcycled Toys

We work with leftover fabrics from fabric mills to create upcycled toys which reduce fabric waste reaching the landfills.

Reduce single use plastic

We work along with our buyers to reduce single use plastics from as many packaging materials as possible. 

Local Sourcing

Most of our raw materials come from local businesses to reduce our carbon footprint and build stronger supply chains which are less dependent on months long transportation of raw materials

Durable Materials

We mindfully choose materials that will last longer and stitching practices that will make products more durable. 

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Reduce single use plastic

We work along with our buyers to reduce single use plastics from as many packaging materials as possible. 

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