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Our Workplace

Toy Manufacturer | Doll Manufacturer | Doorstop Manufacturer

Who we are

Nomad originals is a customer-oriented manufacturing unit started in 2005, situated in Noida, India with a fully certified and regularly audited working space of over 40,000 sq. ft. We are continuously working to deliver quality and organic products to our buyers all around the world, specializing in making toys and dolls for ages 0 and up, while striving for excellence every day!


We are experts in animal shapes and designs where a high level of constant precision & accuracy are required. Using creative, humorous, & stylishly designed shapes the company is now famously synonymous with all things stuffed & in animal form!


Product ranges have consistently increased through internal development & innovation, together with the creative drive from clients demanding high quality & that special, unique product. Categories now include every size of product from hand finished dolls to super large floor standing statement pieces that become the central focus of any designed space. Not only can any scale of animal be produced but practical applications of best sellers have also been commissioned & produced. These include Children’s toys, Dolls, Plush Toys, Baby Toys, Nursery range, Bookends, Desk Buddies, Animals-shaped doorstops, Draught Busters, & 3D Cushion to name a few.


With vast experience, & a wealth of knowledge, Nomad Originals are considered experts in manufacturing fabric-based products. The choice & combination of design is virtually endless.


Whatever your requirements; you will not be disappointed working with Nomad Originals.

The leader of our pack

There was once a girl who dreamed of running a business of her own. Her inspiration came from the business magazines that her father bought every fortnight. She gazed wide-eyed at the successful business owners who shared their stories and experiences in the magazine; and secretly promised herself that she would become a business owner one day. So, when she grew up, she got herself a sewing machine and began the journey of a lifetime into the world of entrepreneurship.


This wide-eyed girl was Monika.


She is the founder and managing director of Nomad Originals. Having charted a not so easy path in the toy industry, Monika has an eye for design and a head full of creative ideas. She leads the Nomad team, with the passion of taking over the world. This energy transitions to the entire workforce making us the powerful pack that we are.


Making toys, finance, planning, and selling remain to be her strengths and she is someone who knows how to stand out in a crowd. Her personality, resilience and hard work has taken her two people home office to a grand factory of her own with 350+ employees in a handful of years.


This is just the start......


In September 2021, Jeet Singh joined the Nomad Leadership team as Director - Works and Quality. He is a textile Engineer by education and has 20 years of experience as the technical and quality head of a very popular European brand.

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