We Love Our Animals &

We Love What We Do To Them!

Door Stops!
Dolls & Toys

Over 35 designs, simple, stylish & beautifully hand crafted.

 Hand Finished Characters using the best of the Indian Embroidery & Natural Fabrics

Book Ends

Everyone has books (thank goodness) so everyone needs a bookend or 2?

FLock of Sheep

This time it is OK to follow the herd or in this case the 'Flock

Key Chains!

Never be without your favourite Monica Richards animal, on your Keys or Bag.

Mini Heads

No one likes a Big head (except our Wall Stops!!) Here though its small & cute

Leather Animals

Genuine leather animals, expertly handcrafted, true family heirlooms!   

XL Doo's

The Daddy  of the range these giant 'Doo's are the heavyweight champions

Desk Buddy's

There's a Buddy for everyone, & we all need a real Buddy now & then!

Wall Stops!

Humorous & sophisticated, kids & adults alike love these characters


Fun Fun Fun! Life's too serious so add some humour at ground level!